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Limited editions

All the limited editions have few things in common that make them special:

  • They were funded with kickstarter and thanks to few backers who support the project making it a reality.
  • They are on sale in packs where you can get, apart from the book, collectors pieces such as sketchbook, the original soundtrack or limited giclée prints.
  • All the editions have high quality with details that make them unique. They are made with care and you can only get them at 

What’s the difference between ‘on sale’ and ‘pre-sale’?

  • ON SALE: Unique copies of the limited edition that you can only get at
  • PRE-SALE: Pre-sales of the projects that were funded successfully and are on production stage. Why do you have to reserve a pre-sale? Since it’s a limited edition, you may one to be sure that you’ll get one. The conditions are the same than products ‘on sale’.

Previous books

Books that Play Attitude published in Spanish and Catalan between 2009 and 2014, which you can get in selected bookshops in Spain or at 

About the shipping

We care about our books and we believe they deserved to be well treated, also by the courier. Due to previous problems we decided to offer only a courier with tracking that promises to take care about them.

  • Shipments within Spain cost between 3€ and 6€, it depends on the area. Timing: between 5 and 7 days.
  • Shipments to Europe cost betweem 15€-25€ (Depends on the weight of the parcel). Timing: between 8 and 10 days.
  • Shipments to the rest of the world cost between 20€ -40€ (Depends on the weight of the parcel)
     . We know it’s not cheap, but it guarantees that the books will arrive safely to your home. Timing: between 10 and 20 days (may be a bit longer in some countries for the customs control).

 What if my book doesn’t arrive? Contact us at and we’ll solve it!

Payment options

All the purchases are carried out through Paypal, where you can also pay with credit card. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Backers Club

If you supported us in kickstarter we want to thank you because these books wouldn’t be a reality without you. Then we’d like to offer you an acknowledgment in form of discount: you have a 20% discount in all the purchases at or the same price you got them during the kickstarter.

How can you be part of the backers club? You probably received an invitation from us in your mail, please, check it. If not, contact us at and tell us which project you backed and your name or mail so we can identify you.  todos los derechos reservados