Welcome to Play Attitude, an unusual publisher

Play Attitude is no ordinary publisher. It was established to fulfill the dreams & artistic visions of a group of people, which would have been impossible through large commercial publishers. 

At Play our work is based on our personal desires, not market trends or commercial possibilities. All our projects have this touch of "artist's love" that makes them truly special. Check out our beloved works: Ravings of love & deathForgotten Colors or The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe, all of them funded with Kickstarter.

Behind this project there are ordinary people, dreamers, with whom you probably have more things in common than just living on the same planet! 

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En orden (de izquierda a derecha): Desiree Arancibia: Designer & illustrator · Efrén Garcia: Editor & team leader · Carlos Ruiz: Designer of the cover · Mauricio Pintos: Designer & Web design · Naiara Chaler: Project coordinator & Communication · David G. Forés: Illustrator & creative director at Play Attitude. Play: Black Cat, the good-luck cat.

In 2014 we discovered kickstarter and it changed everything! Crowdfunding allows us to share a project with you and to make all our readers part of it. That’s what we always wanted and now it’s possible. Play Attitude is not only a publisher, is a way of understanding life. Creativity, quality and uniqueness: that’s is what matters for us, and collaboration is the way to make it possible.

We have funded so far three amazing limited edition illustrated books ‘Ravings of love & death’, ‘Forgotten Colors and other illustrated stories’ and 'The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe'. What will be the next, time will tell. ;)

David G. Forés is one of the promoters of the Play Attitude team, apart from an amazing illustrator and creative director of all the projects in the team. Helping him on developing the projects there are great team of creative who work to offer you unforgettable & limited edition books.

And here are all of you, who support our projects and made them possible. We’ll never get tired of saying: many, many thanks!

Write us at info@playattitude.com

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